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The Purchase of Used Product is Risky


Mainpine is proud to offer a five-year warranty on our IQ Express line of intelligent fax boards. Technical assistance is free to any Mainpine customer regardless of a board's warranty status. Past the five year anniversary of a board's purchase, however, a non-functioning board is not eligible for complimentary replacement.

Periodically, our Technical Support team will receive calls for help from end-users who have made a recent board purchase from a source other than a Mainpine reseller who sells only new product. Typically in this scenario, the board's installation is problematic. While our technicians are happy to help a customer with an installation, if a previously owned board was purchased it may be damaged and therefore not function properly, if at all.

While Mainpine boards have less than a 2% failure rate, our technicians are trained in obtaining the product serial number when a board is suspected to be defective. We then track the original purchase date and determine if a board is still warranted. In the event a board was purchased, for example, from a bidding site and was previously used and is damaged, Mainpine cannot replace that defective product if the warranty period has expired. This is difficult for end-users to realize they have wasted their money if they have purchased used product that is defective and its warranty status has expired.

So...our message is buyer beware; the purchase of used product is risky. In the event an end-user wants to purchase a board that has been previously owned, we request the serial number be obtained before purchasing and contact us as we are happy to verify warranty status. Purchasing a brand new board from a reseller listed on our 'How to Buy' page is the most cost effective option as there is the full five-year warranty not to mention that the product is new, factory-sealed and free from the possibility of damage or compromised functionality.

To learn about warranty status for any Mainpine board, please email or call 866-363-6680 option 1. To contact our Support team, please email or call 866-363-6680 option 2.