Keeping it Green

Tips to save valuable resources

Keeping It Green


Ways To Be Green This Summer

The sun is out, your sandals are on and the living is easy! Living can be even easier by making conscious, eco-friendly decisions in everyday life. Here are some of Mainpine’s favorite ways to go green this summer:

  • 1. Turn the lights off and open the blinds. Taking advantage of natural light during the day will help you save money on electricity AND conserve precious energy.
  • 2. With the beautiful, warm weather summer provides come fabulous farmer’s markets! Not only does the produce taste better knowing you’re buying locally but your choosing to support local farmers gives less business to the large corporations, lessening your ecological footprint!
  • 3. Summer is the perfect time to forego your vehicle and ride your bike instead! Enjoy the lovely weather while using less gas, in turn saving you money while improving the environment.
  • 4. Avoid using energy on laundry dryers by drying your clothes in the sun. It’s easy, it’s free and it’s fast.
  • 5. Pay close attention to your local weather forecast. Especially in the Northwest, rain occurs during all four seasons. If the forecast calls for rain, turn off your sprinklers, your grass and your wallet will thank you!
  • 6. Summer is the perfect time for a BBQ! Be smart about your utensils, plates and cups by purchasing reusable or biodegradable products.
  • 7. Wear clothing that is made from natural materials such as cotton, linen and hemp. These fabrics are often produced in an ecologically responsible manner while still being breathable, thus making your more comfortable in the heat. To stay even cooler, choose light colored clothing that won’t absorb as much sunlight. Staying cooler means using less air conditioning and consuming less energy!