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The latest addition to our solution lineup

Mainpine Online Fax Service


The latest addition to Mainpine's product lineup is the Mainpine Online Fax Service.  We are pleased to offer this subscription service as a faxing alternative for our customers.  The Mainpine Online Fax Service utilizes a fax engine developed by Mainpine specifically for faxing over the internet.  No fax software, hardware or telephone lines required!

The Mainpine Online Fax Service offers users the opportunity to configure their internet faxing solution to meet the unique needs of their business.  Whether you need inbound or outbound faxing, or both, Mainpine can help you get set up quickly and seamlessly.  We also offer an inbound toll-free option.

Monthly Service Fee: $40.00

Inbound Fax Service:  $.01/minute (direct) or $.16/minute (toll-free)

Outbound Fax Service (based on per-month usage):

   less than 500 minutes: $.10/minute

   less than 1000 minutes: $.07/minute

   more than 1000 minutes: $.05/minute

For a 14-day free trial of the new Mainpine Online Fax Service, please fill out and return this Free Trial Request Form and return via fax using the number listed on the form or email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

To download our Mainpine Online Fax Service data sheet, please click here.

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