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Problematic March 9th, 2021 Windows Update


On Wednesday, 3/10/2021 Mainpine was made aware of an issue involving the March 9th Windows security update. This update can cause image quality issues while printing a TIFF document to the fax printer; the faxed documents will have sections missing out the fax image.

Subsequent updates on March 15th - intended to address some of the problems in the Marth 9th updates - perpetuated the problems for fax printing.

Updates involved are:

These updates have also caused issues with blue screens while printing to some printers besides the fax printer. Some of the affected printers include Ricoh, Kyocera, and Dymo.

To resolve this issue you will simply need to uninstall the latest Windows update.

Uninstall Windows Updates with Settings
   1. Open Start and click on the cog icon to open Settings.
   2. Go to ‘Update & Security’.
   3. Click ‘View Update History’ or ‘View installed update history’.
   4. On the Windows Update history page click on ‘Uninstall updates’.
   5. On the ‘Installed Updates’ page you will find the update and uninstall it.

You may also uninstall the update by using Command Prompt:

wusa /uninstall /kb:5000808

... where "kb:5000808" refers to the KB involved.

After uninstalling the problematic update then you may need to disable or suspend Windows Updates until a time when Microsoft remedies the problem. Otherwise the next run of Windows Update will likely reinstall the problematic update.

UPDATE: Microsoft appears to have remedied the problem in KB5001649. Installing that update should fix the problem and avoid the problematic updates.