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Mainpine IQ Express (Rev3) Driver for Windows 8 / Server 2012

16 May 2013

Valued Customer,

Mainpine is pleased to announce the release of our newest Windows driver for our IQ Express (Rev3) fax boards.  This driver release includes support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 (as well as all Windows versions from XP through Server 2008 R2 - both 64-bit and 32-bit).  This driver version fixes minor "blue-screen on shutdown/restart" bugs that were present in the MPCD20MAR09/ driver (which was previously the latest driver which worked on Windows 8 and Server 2012).  It also adds a new feature which is capable of electronically identifying the serial number of most IQ Express (Rev3) fax boards.

This driver is technically still in "beta" phase as it is not yet made it to our production operations (when it will be included on the CDs shipped with new product); however, all Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 users are encouraged to update to this at their convenience by following the driver update instructions below.  Once Mainpine pushes this driver into our production operations the older drivers will be moved out of the mainstream downloads page, and this driver's "beta" tag will be dropped.

As the IQ Express driver has very little to do with operational reliability within the fax application, users are strongly cautioned against perceiving this new driver as a solution for any unreliable fax application operation.  Users who are experiencing unreliable fax application operations (trouble sending or receiving faxes within the fax application) are advised to utilize the Mainpine Production Testsuite CD (also available on the downloads page) in order to test the hardware and fax lines.  Such users who are running Windows Fax Service should also ensure that they are using Mainpine's IQFSP software (also available on the downloads page).

All software and driver downloads are available at: Username: "customer", Password: "iqexpress".

Please see below for the driver update instructions.


Lee Howard
Mainpine, Inc.
Chief Technical Officer
Tel: +1.866.363.6680 | Fax: +1.360.462.8160
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To update the IQ Express (Rev3) driver:

1) Download the driver zip file and extract it onto the filesystem somewhere (such as the Desktop).  The driver is available at:
Username: customer
Password: iqexpress

(After some time passes this driver will no longer be named "beta" and will replace the production IQ Express Rev3 driver.  So if the link above does not work please review for the IQ Express Rev3 driver.)

2) Stop Windows Fax Service or any other fax applications which are using the modem(s).

3) In Control Panel -> "Phone and Modem" on the "Modems" tab make note of each COM port where the modems are attached.

4) In Windows Device Manager uninstall each IQ Express Fax Modem and afterwards uninstall each IQ Express Port.

5) In Windows Device Manager under "Multi-port serial adapters" right-click on each IQ Express Fax Board and choose "update driver software".

6) Choose "Browse my computer for driver software" and use the "Browse" button to browse the filesystem to where the driver zip file was extracted.  For 64-bit systems choose the "amd64" sub-folder and for 32-bit systems choose the "x86" sub-folder.

7) When Windows Security prompts "Would you like to install this device software?" check the box next to "Always trust software from 'Mainpine, Inc.'" and click "Install".

8) After the board driver is installed an informational "Have you installed IQFSP?" window will appear.  Take a moment to read the message and click "Next".

9) Click "Close" on the window stating "Windows has successfully updated your driver software".

10) Windows should then automatically install (and update) the IQ Express Port(s) and the IQ Express Fax Modem(s).

11) Verify the driver update by right-clicking on each "IQ Express Fax Board" in Device Manager, choosing "Properties", and examining "Driver Version" on the "Driver" tab.  It should be

12) Continue to verify the driver update by repeating step 11 for each "IQ Express Port" and then again for each "IQ Express Fax Modem".

13) In Control Panel -> "Phone and Modem" on the "Modems" tab verify that the modems are attached to the same COM ports as noted in step 3.

14) Restart Windows Fax Service or other fax applications which were stopped in step 2.